Nexthomie GmbH

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82237 Woerthsee

Marius Tarsoly

Amtsgericht München
HRB 217548
Ust.Id.-Nr.: DE299372150

By downloading the free app Nexthomie you agree to the following contract and conditions between you and “Nexthomie” (developer and operator of the app Nexthomie as stated below) in addition to Apple’s Standard Terms of Service for Apps:

1. Nexthomie does not accept any liability for damage of any kind connected to the use of the app Nexthomie.

The use of the app may be blocked or restricted by Nexthomie without given reason.

Downloading the app, which is free, does not permit use of the app for commercial purposes.

In order to protect your privacy, we will not pass your personal details to a third party.

Nexthomie is authorised to inform the user about products and service offers from its partners.

The term “Nexthomie” is protected under national and international tradmark. It’s logo and software, as well as all graphical elements are copyrights of nexthomies or their respective owners.

Nexthomie does not tolerate offensive users or the posting of objectionable content in any way. In this manner, the App has the following precautions in place:

Moderators will scan regularly for objectionale content and remove either the content in questions or the user from the service.

Users can report abusive users or content to the moderators. Moderators will react within 24 hours and might remove the user in question from using the service.

In addition, users can block other users from contacting them. This will remove any chats these users had and prevent future contact.

Users who violate these terms will be ejected from using the service without further notice. (2) Applies accordingly.